#5: The just kidding it’s Friday edition

I’d understand if this is how you’re feeling, right now. I’m feeling the same way but let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s drink!

How do you feel about charity? 

Our first pick this week comes from one of my favorite wine places in the United States: Sonoma county, California. The We Are Sonoma red blend is supposed to make you feel good in a couple ways. As it warms you up you’ll remember that when you bought this bottle from your wine store of choice, you knew you were also supporting Solar Sonoma County. What’s better than wine and electricity? $15 will lock this bottle down.

A South American reader pick

Every week I ask for reader picks. This one is one of those. The 2013 Punto Final malbec deserves to be on your shelf as a go-to bottle. This Argentinian near-black pillar of grapes is easy to drink and your friends will think you’re way cooler than you really are when you tell them it’s from South America. 😉

Let me know what you think of these bottles of red tastiness. If you have any favorites, I’d love to here about them! Reply to this email or hit me up on twitter @_JohnathanLyman.

#4: The whiteout edition

As I was deciding what to pick out this week, I realized I’ve been quite partial to the reds. Sure, last week we featured a white resiling from Chateau Ste. Michelle, a classic is everyone’s book. Beyond that, it’s been dark red all the way. That’s why this week’s two picks are both whites and are the epitome of what Weekly Wine is about: affordable and tasty.

В Cоветской России, вино пьет вас. (In Soviet Russia, wine drinks you.)

Our first pick is the 2014 Courtney Benham Pinot Gris from the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County, California. Don’t let the location fool you, though. There’s nothing Russian about this bottle. It is light and subtly citrus-y, common for the category. Given its nature, if you turn your wine snob dial up just enough, you might say it has a slight spritz feel to it though in reality, it’s just peppy like the Starbucks barista at 5am. Grab this bottle for about $15.

What has three arms and makes funny noises?

Pick number two comes from Richland, WA. For the geographically inclined, yes, that’s close-ish to a former nuclear production site. Don’t let that deter you because This Riesling from Tagaris Winery will help you forget all about it. It’s a typical riesling in its sweet nature and very smooth. Just like that girl you know: starts off sweet, but too much can lead to problems. I digress. You’ll appreciate this white wine until then end, I’m sure of it. This bottle can be yours for about $13.

Keep sending in suggestions. I love them. Thanks for giving me even more of an excuse to spend money on wine :D.

#3: The ‘we’re gonna need a bigger face hole’ edition

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. Seriously. It’s about to get real in this email.

I’l admit, I’m late. Sometimes things happen. It’s still Thursday on the Best Coast. Are you really checking your email late at night? You are? I suppose there’s no help for you.

This week’s picks are good for two reasons:

1. They’re tasty
2. They’re cheap

Let’s face it. New Years is one of those times where you’ll either do something you’ll never forget, or forget you did something you’ll never forget because you got blackout drunk and your friend Steve offered to take you home. All the while, you threw up in his car, got angry at his dog, and wondered why your coat smelled like bad nachos.

In the spirit of New Years, let’s do something we’ll remember and pick a couple wines that hit the $10 or under range. You think I’m crazy… good. I’m nuts.

#1 – She Knows What She’s Doing

The first pick of the week is a classic in my book and a go to if I want a little bit of dollars to get me a decent bit of wines. Chateau St. Michelle anything is a surprisingly good taste-for-the-price wine. You can find this pretty much anywhere wine is sold, across the country, so far as I know, and depending on how close to Washington (where it comes from) you are, most bottles they sell will run anywhere from $7 to $10.

#2 – It Rolls Down Stairs, Alone or in Pairs, It’s Jug, Jug, Jug

This next pick will blow your freaking mind. You’ll also think I’m some sort of hack for recommending it. I’m expecting a lot of drinking to take place this weekend so to keep the fountains of adult juice flowing, you’ll need a lot of wine. This is where the Taylor Lake Country Red Wine from Walmart comes in. It’s $10 and three liter(re)s. It’s also tasty as hell. Give your wine snob friend a taste of this without telling them. If they like it, promptly shame in whatever way you feel appropriate.

(Secret: That’s not a bell, it’s a glass of wine. She’s a pinot fan.)

That’s all I have for this week. Tune in next week where I find out how crazy you got because you emailed me a picture of you drinking three liters of wine or mustered the energy and mental focus to tweet me @_JohnathanLyman.Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Friends do let friends share this email with them and tell them to subscribe.

#2: En el vino hay verdad

That’s rough, and probably incorrect, Spanish for In wine there is truth. With these weeks picks, the truth is, you’ll find a way to get these bottles, I’d bet your lunch on it.

Fun fact: the Chinese drink the most wine as a country but per capita, The Vatican drinks the most, per person. Being Catholic has its perks.

Cooper and Thief

A red blend in a brandy-esque shaped bottle, this red mouthtastic liquid spent three months in bourbon barrels. How’s that for tasty? From Lodi, California, this bottle oak-aged yum sauce can be had for about $30 at your local wine shop.


We’re turning up the culture dial in this issue of Weekly Wine with a bottle of tasty tasty from Montsant, Spain, and Cellers Baronia del Montsant. This 2008 red blend is 47% red Grenache, 47% Carignan, 19% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Syrah, and 4% Tempranillo. What does that mean for you? Nothing, except that it makes for a Catalonian love song in your mouth of violet, black raspberry, and cherry that will have you speaking like the locals in no time. Cantar les cançons dolços de vi, el meu amic. Pick this bottle up at your local wine shop for around $20.

That’s all for this week. Comments and questions? Hit reply. If you have any great wine suggestions, let me know.

#1: A Strong Cabernet & Lady Red

Happy Thursday, people!

The holidays are upon us, that’s a fact. What’s also a fact is you’re in search for a killer red wine to pair with your meaty dish or to just drink with a loved one while binging Netflix–admit it, your weekends are as boring as you deny. Don’t worry, I won’t judge 😉

This is where Rodney Strong’s 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon makes an appearance. It’s tartness aren’t off-putting and I have a soft spot for Sonoma wines. Unlike that one episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror, it won’t leave you depressed because technology. You’ll find this in most stores for around $15-20 a bottle, pre-tax, with California likely being the cheapest.

If sweet is on your list, a local Washington bottle makes an appearance. Whidbey’s Port Wine is a sweet red that you’ll want to enjoy slowly. Pick up this Jessica Chastain-in-a-bottle for around $15-20, pre-tax.

That’s it for this week, folks! If you’re a fan, and you’re not already subscribed, you know what to do (hint: go here and subscribe). Let me know what you think of these picks and if you have favorites of your own, just reply to this email!

I’ll see you next week!